Industrial Tanks

At Škrlj d.o.o., we take care of the entire project process and:

  • study all customer demands and production specifications;
  • prepare all project documentation; we make a detailed 3D model of the project that allows you to visualize the product and make any necessary adjustments;
  • design and manufacture tank equipment in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards;
  • perform technology procedure and product control during manufacturing and thorough final product testing;
  • deliver the product and its documentation to the customer.

We also design larger tanks, with capacities over 1000 HL.
For safe access to elevated tank connectors, we manufacture ladders with fall protection guardrails or anti-slip staircases with intermediate platforms.

walk-on platforms

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FPS atmospheric storage tanks

FPS tanks are used for storing food industry products under atmopsheric pressure. Their design depends on technological and process demands. They can be equipped with cooling/heating elements, non-insulated, or insulated with insulation material and an insulation jacket.

  • atmospheric storage tanks
  • thermal processing tanks
  • process tanks for further product processing and transfer
  • CIP tanks

FPM mixing tanks

FPM tanks are made for use under atmospheric pressure. Their design depends on technological and process demands. They can be equipped with cooling/heating elements, non-insulated, or insulated with insulation material.

The agitator is chosen based on purpose of use and product viscosity. It is used for product mixing and homogenization, and enables a more efficient and even heating and cooling process.

  • mixing tanks
  • duplicators
  • process tanks for further product processing
  • cooling/heating tanks

Pressure tanks

Some processes can be carried out exclusively in pressure tanks, which must be designed to enable an efficient and safe working process under higher pressure. Our company offers idea development, planning, and manufacturing for all types of pressure tanks: vertical or horizontal, jacketed (single or multiple jackets), insulated or non-insulated. Our pressure tanks are designed individually. Planning and production are carried out according to the PED 2014/68/EU (Module H/H1) directive and supervised by TÜV SÜD, the notified body for product conformity evaluation.

  • KZE tanks
  • buffer tanks
  • concentrate storage tanks


Design and equipment

POSITION vertical/horizontal
TANK BOTTOM cone-shaped/flat/torispherical
STAINLESS STEEL QUALITY EN1.4301, AISI 304 / EN1.4401, AISI 316 / EN1.4404  AISI 316L / EN1.4571, AISI 316Ti
EN1.4435, AISI 316L / EN1.4307, AISI 304L
and other on customer request
SURFACE material quality: 2B(IIIc)/2R(IIId, BA)/1D(IIa)
surface treatment: sandblasted/scotch brite/brushed/pickled/mechanically polished/electropolished
roughness: up to Ra < 0.4 μm
OPERATING PRESSURE atmospheric tanks
pressure tanks (based on specifications)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL laser welded cooling/heating surfaces (pillow-plate) on tank jacket and/or bottom
double tank wall with directing coil
welded half-pipe coil on tank jacket and/or bottom
... more about temperature control
INSULATION non-insulated tanks
insulated tanks: partial or complete tank surface / insulation material is polyurethane foam or mineral wool / insulation is covered with outer insulation jacket, which is riveted or welded
AGITATOR agitator type depends on purpose of use: propeller agitators (mounted laterally or on tank lid), anchor agitators, magnetic stirrers
TANK EQUIPMENT flange, TC, threaded or other connectors
different designs and sizes of service, revision, and filling openings
spray balls and turbines, CIP system connectors
different sight glasses designs (DIN28120 or other)
tank outlet, tank valves with manual, pneumatic, or other drive
level and temperature probes, pressure gauges
rupture discs
... and other on customer request

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