Winery design and construction


Do you plan on building a brand new winery? Or do you maybe want to renovate your existing premises, perhaps make some additions?

Consult some design and construction experts with experience in building wineries. Carefully planned and informed decisions in the initial phase can help you avoid un...

Brewhouse plate heat exchangers


A plate heat exchanger is composed of multiple profiled stainless steel plates which are connected to each other. The plates are mounted on special support shafts and fixed onto a compact stainless steel frame (painted or not). The product and the cooling medium (cold water or glycol) flow th...

How big should your brewhouse be

Setting up your own brewery can be a very demanding venture and a big investment, so it is important to set some goals and to have a very clear idea of what you want before you purchase your equipment.

What kind of brewery do you want?

Do you want to start your own craft brewery and take your hobb...

How to start your own brewery in 6 steps

Step 1: Research

Take your time and think it through. Gain the proper knowledge. Find some experienced brewers and contact them. Listen to their advice and try to get as much information as possible for the road ahead.

  • learn through technical literature (books, magazines, etc.) and online co...

Industrial Tanks

At Škrlj d.o.o., we take care of the entire project process and:

  • study all customer demands and production specifications;
  • prepare all project documentation; we make a detailed 3D model of the project that allows you to visualize the product and make any necessary adjustments;
  • design and manu...

Compact Brewhouses BH3

BH3 10 / BH3 20 / BH3 25

Compact brewhouse BH3 is a system that consists of two process tanks and a separate water tank. Hot water is stored and prepared in the water tank and then used in the beer brewing process. The tank is connected to the brewhouse control unit, so the temperature settings can...

Compact Brewhouses

A compact brewhouse is a system of process tanks and devices that a brewer needs during the beer brewing process, from mashing to fermentation. The tanks are mounted on a compact supporting frame, while the larger models are connected with a walk-on platform and staircase. The platform allows easy a...

Hyperreductive Pressing Technology

hiperreduktivna stiskalnica
hiperreduktivna stiskalnica

Grape pressing in an environment with controlled oxygen levels

Oxygen plays a very important role during wine processing, but it can be either positive or negative. It is a known fact that must or wine exposure to oxygen reduces wine quality and exquisiteness due to oxidation, loss of fruit...

Pressing Systems

Open pressing system

Half of the press drum is perforated, while the other is covered by an impermeable membrane. An integrated compressor is used to establish the desired pressure within the press drum, which inflates the membrane and, consequently, starts pressing the grape mass and draining th...

Pneumatic Press with Cooling Jacket

A pneumatic press with a cooling jacket enables:

  • drum cooling before filling,
  • grape pomace cooling before and during pressing,
  • temperature regulation of the grape mass inside the drum according to enological recommendations,
  • controlled maceration process: pomace maceration at low temperature...