Hyperreductive Pressing Technology

hiperreduktivna stiskalnica
hiperreduktivna stiskalnica

Grape pressing in an environment with controlled oxygen levels

Oxygen plays a very important role during wine processing, but it can be either positive or negative. It is a known fact that must or wine exposure to oxygen reduces wine quality and exquisiteness due to oxidation, loss of fruit...

Pressing Systems

Open pressing system

Half of the press drum is perforated, while the other is covered by an impermeable membrane. An integrated compressor is used to establish the desired pressure within the press drum, which inflates the membrane and, consequently, starts pressing the grape mass and draining th...

Pneumatic Press with Cooling Jacket

A pneumatic press with a cooling jacket enables:

  • drum cooling before filling,
  • grape pomace cooling before and during pressing,
  • temperature regulation of the grape mass inside the drum according to enological recommendations,
  • controlled maceration process: pomace maceration at low temperature...


The objective of grape maceration is selective pigment (anthocyanins), tannin, and aroma leaching from grape berries. The important factors to bear in mind during this process are:
  • cap submerging/soaking intensity,
  • proper pomace temperature,
  • maceration time. 
The fermenter is a big help du...

Cylindrical tanks

We offer different cylindrical tank designs, you can choose between single-compartment, divided or stackable tanks, and also pick their position (vertical or horizontal). 

We also do custom-made orders, we can add a temperature regulation system (double jacket, plate heat exchanger, solenoid valves...

Create a 3D Model

Google SketchUp is a freely accessible software, used for 3D model design. Google SketchUp allows you to make your own sketch, using your desired dimensions and layout. The project can then be viewed in 3D from multiple angles, which helps you get a more concrete idea of how the room would look li...

Grape Pressing

Grape pressing is one of the most important stages of grape processing, as it greatly influences the extraction of various compounds from the grapes into the must.

Aside from the primary compounds found in grapes (sugar, acids, minerals), pressing also releases important secondary metabolites, such...


The quality and style of red wines depend greatly on the maceration process and the extraction of polyphenols – anthocyanins and tannins. A properly-run extraction can influence the colour of a red wine, as well as its taste structure.

Intensive cap submerging in the initial phase of the macera...


Creativity is born of passion for the things you do, whereas your skill and your own taste can add a more personal note to it. Grapes represent a continuous challenge, as they have a wonderful, and at the same time, very demanding characteristic – their character changes every year, which makes ...

Temperature Regulation Element Connection

We offer different additional equipment for temperature regulation elements: cooling medium flow regulation valves, connection modules, supply units, and automatic regulation control units.

Temperature regulation element connection

Regulation valves

The valves are used for cooling/heating medi...